our services

Character design

Create character from 2D art to 3D modeling, rigging and animation.

2D art design

Hand-painted style, animate style and comic style. We draw all kinds of picture base on you desire.

AR content

We made AR content customized for your need. Making people see what's you want them to see. With AR, there's no limits.

VR content

We create VR interactive media for your needs. Including education, professional training and entertainment.

environment design

Create realistic 3D environment scene. For 3D animation and game scene.

Motion Capture

We use optical motion capture to record the most precise movement. Create character animation for 3D animation, game or even science purpose.

Motion Sensing

We use motion sensing device such as Kinect to create interactive media. Use for entertainment, exhibition and education.

Original sound track

We create original music for you. From peaceful music to intense combat music. Our talent composer create whatever you need.

Platform Implementation

- Backend design
- Cash payment platform implementation.
- Distributed computing architecture design using AWS.
- Website crawler.
- Marketing website design for Futures Game in China.
- Package the HTML5 website to Android APK.
- Integrated the 3rd account API of WeChat, Google, Facebook etc.
- CDN implementation for DDOS and optimize the connection latency.